Stakeholder Analysis

Stakeholder Analysis

What is Stakeholder Analysis?

Healthcare is continuously evolving. New legislation, care models and technology have a significant impact in how disease management is determined, delivered and paid for. Therefore the obvious stakeholders of today may not be ideal partners for the next decade. Additionally, understanding the role that each stakeholder category plays in a particular market, and the individual stakeholders within them, is critical to ensuring a company’s acceptance into that market.

What can be done with Stakeholder Analysis?

  • Identify trends in the healthcare industry, determine potential impact these trends are likely to have on the life sciences industry in the future
  • Analyze Centers of Excellence and their importance to your product
  • Understand initiatives and policies that impact your product acceptance
  • Identify thought leaders from the clinical, policy and industry perspective
  • Assess how the landscape is evolving to ensure that your product enters the market correctly positioned
  • Assess the ecosystem affecting your product or service
  • Link the external stakeholder environment to your corporate planning activities
  • Understand the patient and clinician perspective

Why Snowfish?

Snowfish approaches stakeholder analysis by taking a critical view into what is truly going on in a particular disease state and tackles it from many facets. Our methodology is data intensive and we bring in perspectives from multiple angles. This stems from the philosophy that optimal disease management goes well beyond specialists and therapy. Rather it encompasses many components that are related to the patient and their environment. Our approach ensures that only the appropriate stakeholders are identified and targeted.

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