Snowfish is uniquely positioned to provide executive decision makers with critical insights. Our consultants are experts in the most vital aspects of life science product marketing in our ability to integrate multiple facets including science, clinical, business and policy. Our unique insights are instrumental in shaping new product planning, commercial strategy, medical affairs strategy, lifecycle management, brand planning, portfolio management and companion product/service strategy. Our approach offers our clients clear visibility into the best way to approach the market.

CMS Open Payments Analysis

What is CMS Open Payments Analysis?

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care (PPAC) Act of 2010, known as the “Sunshine Law,” requires that life sciences companies disclose payments made to healthcare professionals and organizations. The Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) aggregates and publishes this data in a program called “Open Payments.” The information found in the CMS Open Payments database is detailed and categorizes what each payment is for (ie, speaking, research, consulting, etc.) and what drug or medical device each payment is related to.

What can be done with CMS Open Payments data?

  • Identify the most highly paid physicians in certain activities (ie, speaking, consulting, and research engagements) for a target list of drugs
  • Analyze your competition and see how they compare in their marketing budgets, as well as where and on whom they spend their money
  • Gain insights into the work of your KOLs, find who else is funding them, and how you compare
  • Find new partners for your business plan, and analyze current partners by identifying companies making complementary products who are spending in your target areas
  • Discover trends in your area of interest, identify who are the rising stars, and which types of work are becoming more valuable, and for which products

Why Snowfish?

To fully optimize this amazing resource, sophisticated analytics are critical. This is where Snowfish excels. CMS provides a straightforward public interface to the data on their Open Payments website. However, Open Payments, like other “big data” datasets, is large, complex and messy. With our long substantial experience in healthcare data analytics and proprietary matching software, we can ensure the output is accurate and relevant. Snowfish also provides automatic refreshes to the analyses whenever new data is released.

Stakeholder Analysis

What is Stakeholder Analysis?

Healthcare is continuously evolving. New legislation, care models and technology have a significant impact in how disease management is determined, delivered and paid for. Therefore the obvious stakeholders of today may not be ideal partners for the next decade. Additionally, understanding the role that each stakeholder category plays in a particular market, and the individual stakeholders within them, is critical to ensuring a company’s acceptance into that market.

What can be done with Stakeholder Analysis?

  • Identify trends in the healthcare industry, determine potential impact these trends are likely to have on the life sciences industry in the future
  • Analyze Centers of Excellence and their importance to your product
  • Understand initiatives and policies that impact your product acceptance
  • Identify thought leaders from the clinical, policy and industry perspective
  • Assess how the landscape is evolving to ensure that your product enters the market correctly positioned
  • Assess the ecosystem affecting your product or service
  • Link the external stakeholder environment to your corporate planning activities
  • Understand the patient and clinician perspective

Why Snowfish?

Snowfish approaches stakeholder analysis by taking a critical view into what is truly going on in a particular disease state and tackles it from many facets. Our methodology is data intensive and we bring in perspectives from multiple angles. This stems from the philosophy that optimal disease management goes well beyond specialists and therapy. Rather it encompasses many components that are related to the patient and their environment. Our approach ensures that only the appropriate stakeholders are identified and targeted.

KOL Identification and Profiling

What is SmartMap™ KOL Identification and Mapping?

It has become evident that identifying the appropriate and most impactful key opinion leaders (KOLs) can have a significant impact on the success of your product. What is not always obvious is the best method to take so that only the highest value KOLs are involved in your collaboration efforts. The Snowfish approach to KOL targeting and profiling blends multiple sources of data combined with solid disease state and market understanding.

What is the impact of this solution?

  • The best-aligned KOLs in a variety of disciplines, specialties and therapeutic areas to grow awareness and product momentum
  • Representation of key stakeholders that go beyond clinicians to include payers, policy influencers, technology innovators, organizations and centers of excellence
  • Ability to target the KOL for specific engagements
  • Look beyond the therapy in your offerings

Why Snowfish?

We approach KOL mapping with the intent to develop a comprehensive and integrated picture of a KOL’s influence and expertise. Our approach captures all characteristics that define a KOL in the particular disease state/condition. We integrate data from multiple sources including product features, target market attributes, and MSL and sales territories to create a comprehensive and integrated picture that enables life sciences companies to significantly improve their programs.

Clinical Data Gap Analysis

What is Clinical Data Gap Analysis?

The practice of medicine relies on clinical evidence. From a product’s conception through approval, launch, and post launch activities, clinical evidence is the rationale for a product’s overall existence. Clinical data is critical for differentiation and ultimately, market acceptance. A solid grasp of the clinical data can open up new opportunities and markets.

What is the impact of this solution?

  • Benchmark a product’s clinical data and trials against its competitors’
  • Ascertain value of addressing gaps in the clinical data
  • Determine how to best spend clinical development resources and maintain a go-forward strategy

Why Snowfish?

Snowfish are experts at analyzing volumes of clinical data along with market and policy information and to building a sophisticated matrix to quantify opportunity. Our analysis will determine if it is truly necessary to follow the common paths being taken by the competition, jump on the next important clinical use or just utilize useful data that already exists and can be instrumental to that can further product growth.

Market/Product Assessment

What is Market/Product Assessment?

Life sciences companies invest billions of dollars and many years to develop new treatments. There are increasing pressures on the industry to speed up the development of new treatments, and at the same time to decrease the costs associated in the development of new treatments. Life sciences companies can come to go/no-go decisions more quickly and efficiently by leveraging insights from internal and clinical experts, trends, technical feasibility and modeling.

What is the impact of this solution?

  • Understand regulatory procedures
  • Determine reimbursement standards and processes
  • Understand distribution channels and establish partnerships
  • Understand physician treatment responsibilities
  • Confirm product design considerations
  • Map out hospital processes
  • Document significant cultural issues
  • Establish need for companion product or service

Why Snowfish?

Snowfish has worked globally with multinational and local companies to successfully launch new treatment options. Our success comes from paying special attention to the micro-issues, such as varying clinician treatment responsibilities, other stakeholders, product design, health care setting processes and cultural issues. We help life sciences companies analyze these areas within their target market(s), capture insights and develop actionable plans to guide launch planning activities.

Launch Planning

What is Launch Planning?

Product launches serve as defining moments for life science companies to create a sustained competitive advantage. Launch planning incorporates a myriad of inputs across a broad spectrum of stakeholders both internal and external. Clinicians, payers, competitors and associations are some of the most important external constituents that need to be analyzed. It is equally important to assess the clinical data, sales force alignment and brand initiatives directed at the launch. Well-managed launches are the most powerful way to create brand momentum and generate maximum product uptake and revenue.

What can be done with Launch Planning?

  • Build strong product momentum
  • Identify critical product differentiators
  • Assess key external stakeholders that will affect the success of your product
  • Build programs and activities that align with the needs of the market
  • Move away from a one-size-fits-all approach to unique selling points
  • Build a cohesive roadmap that empowers stakeholders
  • Create the tools that will make a difference

Why Snowfish?

Snowfish has worked on multiple launch plans and integrated every aspect of launch planning across diverse disease states. The senior team at Snowfish is able to integrate clinical, business and analytic insights and tear down traditional silos that inhibit launch effectiveness. We have worked with more than three dozen life science companies for more than a decade.

NP/PA Analysis and Engagement

What is NP/PA Analysis and Engagement?

The care landscape is rapidly changing. The U.S. and many other countries are facing a looming physician shortage in the wake of a rising aging population. Professionals such as nurse practitioners (NPs) and physician assistants (PAs) are playing a critical role in multiple specialties and their influence is increasing. Currently 20 U.S. states allow NPs to practice without any physician oversight and others have bills under consideration proposing the same. There is a opportunity for industry to better understand the overall needs of this important healthcare provider group, and build valuable collaborations to ensure appropriate messaging and inclusion in relevant initiatives.

What can be done with NP/PA Analysis and Engagement?

  • Enhance understanding of the NP/PA clinical role
  • Determine the professional and educational needs of NPs/PAs
  • Enhance your understanding of how specific specialities of NPs/PAs interface and work with industry
  • Develop an engagement plan to ensure NPs/PAs in specific therapeutic areas become valued partners

Why Snowfish?

Snowfish recognizes the growing importance of the NP/PA community. Key members of our staff are NPs and we conducted an extensive survey with more than 400 NPs and PAs to understand their training and work experiences. Snowfish has the ability to provide a unique view of this market, extract only the most useful insights and translate them to an actionable engagement plan.

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