Press Releases

Press Releases

September 2015 – Melissa Hammond, MSN, GNP Managing Director of Snowfish will be part of an esteemed panel at the Pharma CI Conference & Exhibition.  The program titled “Acting Before Others React: Competitive Intelligence in the Changing Landscape” will be moderated by a member of senior leadership at Otsuka America Pharmaceutical and will partner Melissa with other leaders in the industry. The discussion will feature best practices for staying a step ahead of the rapidly moving shifting healthcare environment through multidisciplinary collaboration.
Snowfish was included in this panel based upon a history of multiple successful projects which utilized this very integrated approach. “We are delighted that Melissa has been invited to participate in this cutting-edge forum”, stated Snowfish President, Dave Fishman. “Her involvement is reinforcement of the value that the industry holds in our approach to market assessment”.

November 2011 – Snowfish Convening Scientific Advisory Panel of Top Clinical Experts in Ovarian Cancer and Crohn’s Disease.  Our demonstrated results and long-standing experience in gaining insight from clinical and scientific experts has allowed Snowfish, LLC the opportunity to work with an innovative mid-sized company on this series of panel discussions.  “We are looking forward to continued work with this valued client and providing them with the insight tools they need to take the optimal direction,” said David Fishman, President of Snowfish, LLC.

October 2011 – Melissa Hammond, MSN, GNP, elected to Board of Directors for the Healthcare Business Women’s Association Mid-Atlantic Chapter.  Snowfish, LLC is happy to announce that Melissa Hammond, MSN, GNP, Managing Director was elected as Director of Membership of the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association.  “We are thrilled that Melissa has been elected to serve on the board of such a stellar organization that advances the careers of women throughout healthcare,” noted David Fishman, President of Snowfish, LLC.

August 2011 – Snowfish, LLC Awarded Publication Analysis for Top Medical Device Manufacturer.  After a review of multiple proposals, Snowfish, LLC was selected for this project that involves a comprehensive analysis of all articles published within the area of aortic aneurysms. David Fishman, Snowfish LLC’s President commented: “Snowfish, LLC specializes in utilizing multiple insights and techniques – including business, clinical and technical – to make critical observations and provide our clients with the direction they need to make the best decisions.  We are looking forward to working on this exciting project.”

July 2011 – Snowfish, LLC Hired by Mid-Sized Life Science Company to Evaluate Ovarian Cancer Market.  This project will assist this company this long-stangind client as multiple paths toward early-stage product development are explored. Snowfish, LLC will use our sophisticated, 360 degree analysis approach covering all areas ranging from business to clinical.  As noted by David Fishman, President of Snowfish, LLC: “We are in our element with these types of projects.  We truly enjoy collecting the facts and putting them together to build a case of go or no-go.  We are ready to analyze this interesting and challenging area of medicine.”

June 2011 – Snowfish, LLC Publishes Groundbreaking Article in PharmaVOICE Focused on Clinical Data Gap Analysis.  This article outlined critical need to spend clinical research dollars wisely and how the process of Clinical Data Gap Analysis will achieve that end.  As noted by Melissa Hammond, MSN, GNP, Managing Director at Snowfish, LLC: “We are very proud of our unique approach to gap analysis and how it ensures that resources are spent wisely.  We are thrilled that we have been able to share this with our colleagues in the life science industry.”

May 2011 – Snowfish LLC Assisting Top 10 Pharmaceutical Company with Maximizing Effectiveness of MSL Team.  Our experience with converting analysis into actionable terms has earned us the opportunity to implement this exciting project with an ophthalmology MSL team at a top pharmaceutical company.  This project will involve a critical benchmarking study and determining the go-forward strategy.  We will also put together a program to implement this strategy.  “We appreciate that in these down economic times, many companies are re-evaluating the role of MSLs and whether they are indeed necessary to the organization,” said David Fishman, President of Snowfish, LLC.  He added: “This project will not only help answer these types of questions, but ensure their value is optimized and indeed offer critical value to the company.”

April 2011 – Snowfish, LLC Hired to Assess Crohn’s Disease Market for Mid-Sized Company.   This project involves an analysis that will determine if the Crohn’s disease market is viable for a prospective product that essentially may be a game changer in this area.  Per David Fishman, President of Snowfish, LLC: “This type of work is second nature to us.  We love nothing more than pulling all of the facts together and providing critical vision for our clients.”

March 2011 – Snowfish, LLC Working with European Pharmaceutical Company’s Medical Information Group More Effectively Address Clinician Questions. Snowfish, LLC is happy to announce that we have been chosen by a European start-up company focused in the cardiovascular space to update their medical information communications so that they provide more value to clinicians. Melissa Hammond, MSN, GNP, Snowfish, LLC’s Managing Director commented: “As a clinician, I recognize the need to address key questions concerning the efficacy and safety of pharmaceutical products.  Clinicians don’t want to sift through pages and pages of data before getting the answer.  Thus, we are thrilled to assist this company with ensuring that their responses to clinical questions are informative, yet succinct and to the point.”

January 2011 – Snowfish Awarded Diabetes Centers of Excellence Mapping with Top 10 Pharmaceutical Company.  Based on our prior successful experience with the company and after a review of multiple proposals, Snowfish, LLC was selected. David Fishman, President of Snowfish, LLC commented: “We have spent the past decade building an outstanding reputation with our clients, being awarded this project is further proof of the quality of insights we deliver to our clients.” He added, “During the years we have also worked on multiple diabetes-related engagements and our methodology is unique.”

November 2010 – Snowfish Awarded KOL Identification & Mapping in the Adult Congenital Heart Disease Market.  Snowfish, LLC was compared against five different firms including the incumbent for this challenging project. Based on the quality of the proposal, Snowfish, LLC was selected. At the end of the engagement, our client commented: “Thanks again for all of efforts on this project and going above and beyond the original scope of work.”

November 2010 – Snowfish, LLC Assists Growing European Pharmaceutical Firm Pursue New Indication.  Snowfish, LLC was chosen to assist a growing pharmaceutical company, based in Europe, with creating the clinical argument for an expanded indication in the cardiovascular area. Melissa Hammond, MSN, GNP, Managing Director at Snowfish, LLC commented: “We are thrilled to be involved with this client at such an exciting time and our extensive cardiovascular disease experience utilized to help them move ahead with their product and as advance as a company.”

September 2010 – Snowfish, LLC Receives Prominent Coverage in PharmaVOICE on NPs/PAs. The article “NPs/PAs a Prescription for Success” leveraged a significant amount of research and knowledge Snowfish, LLC has developed over the years. Melissa Hammond, MSN, GNP the Managing Director at Snowfish, LLC, is a Nurse Practitioner by background and training and was interviewed as an expert in the field. Snowfish provided a number of critical insights including the top prescription drug categories, the Rx volume by practice area, and the way industry should engage the NP/PA community.

September 2010 – Snowfish, LLC Launches MidLevelConnect™ Our Comprehensive Service Offerings for the Mid-Level Practitioner Market.  Our existing relationship with hundreds of nurse practitioners (NPs) and physician assistants (PAs) from a geographically diverse markets and specialties enables companies to build the most effective programs and tactics to engage this critical audience. Our services include, KOL identification & mapping, advisory boards, market research, and professional education programs specifically targeted towards these critical audiences. For example, NPs/PAs write more than 500 million prescriptions in the U.S. alone and represent approximately 10% of the market. Currently, mid-level practitioners in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom, Sweden, and the United States can prescribe.

August 2010 – Snowfish LLC Releases Groundbreaking Research on the Mid-Level Practitioner Market.  Snowfish, LLC independently conducted this groundbreaking research to obtain detailed input from more than 500 NPs and PAs representing 47 states. This is a statistically valid report that has a confidence interval of ±4.89% at the 95% confidence level. We also gathered qualitative input from both NPs and PAs and leveraged secondary sources. Mid-level practitioners are integral to the delivery of health services. They evaluate patients, order tests, make diagnoses, write prescriptions, and in many ways, perform in a similar capacity to physicians. However, there is a significant gap in the level of understanding about their role by industry. Please feel free to request our White Paper on the topic by going to our contact page.

June 2010 – Snowfish, LLC’s Melissa Hammond provides expert commentary in June issue of PharmaVOICE.  Melissa Hammond, MSN, GNP, Managing Director at Snowfish LLC was asked to comment on the role of adaptive clinical trials in drug development in the June 2010 issue of PharmaVOICE.

April 2010 – Snowfish, LLC KOL Identification & Mapping Solution covered in PharmaVOICE.  David Fishman, President of Snowfish, LLC, was asked to comment on the Snowfish LLC industry-leading KOL Identification and Mapping solution in the April issue of PharmaVOICE.

April 2010 – A Leading Medical Device Manufacturer Selects Snowfish LLC to Determine Oncology Sales Targeting. Snowfish was selected to identify leading hospital and physicians that would be strong candidates for the company’s product. Snowfish integrated multiple disparate data sources to help define the leading hospitals and physician targets. With more than 6,000 hospitals in the U.S. and tens of thousands of physicians working the oncology field, targeting is a primary concern for the client.

March 2010 – Snowfish Awarded European Heart Journal Supplement Project.  Snowfish, LLC was awarded a project to work with leading physician authors to perform editorial assistance for a supplement to appear in the European Heart Journal. The project builds upon our extensive communications and cardiology experience.

February 2010 – Snowfish Awarded Key Opinion Leader Identification & Mapping Contract in the Following Disease States: Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Alzheimer’s Disease, Stroke, and Parkinson’s Disease.  Snowfish, LLC was evaluated against several other management consulting firms and selected based on our demonstrated experience and our unique approach. At the conclusion of the project, the Senior Director of Commercial Analytics commented, “Now that the project is complete, I want you to know how impressed I have been with the quality as well as the challenging turnaround time of the deliverable. I have done this sort of project before and your team compares very favorably with other vendors I have worked with. Congratulations on an excellent job.” Dave Fishman, the President of Snowfish, LLC said, “This continues to build upon our long history of client success and further validates our industry leading approach.”

November 2009 – Snowfish, LLC Awarded Project to Directly Support European Regulatory Filing.  Our client is planning for a submission to a European regulatory body to modify the product label for their class leading product. Snowfish is using its expertise in the relevant disease state area to assist with this submission by providing the clinical justification for the proposed change.  David Fishman, President of Snowfish, LLC, commented: “The importance of this activity cannot be overstated. A successful label change will likely add tens of millions of dollars to our client’s bottom-line on an annual basis. Receiving this type of project clearly indicates the level of trust our clients have in the Snowfish team.”

October 2009 – Snowfish Awarded Large Key Opinion Leader (KOL) Identification & Mapping Contract with Leading Pulmonary Medicine Company.  Snowfish, LLC was evaluated against six other companies and selected based on our demonstrated experience and unique approach. Earlier this year, Snowfish published a white paper on KOL Identification & Mapping that is available upon request.

August 2009 – Snowfish, LLC Awarded Comprehensive Monograph for Worldwide Use. Our client expressed a need for a comprehensive document that can effectively communicate their product’s story to key decision makers in hospitals and health systems worldwide, and provide a single resource for all the relevant clinical data. The monograph will provide information to pharmacists, clinicians, and other key clinical stakeholders who drive formulary and treatment decisions.

May 2009 – Snowfish, LLC Expands on Global Medical Science Liaison (MSL) Training Program.  Following the success of its MSL training program, Snowfish has been awarded a significant project that involves an extensive expansion of live training material to a written self-study program. The overall effort will involve developing over a dozen targeted training modules. The client appreciates Snowfish’s ability to translate clinical data into key points of communication for the physician audiences.

March 2009 – Snowfish, LLC Awarded a Major Pharmacovigilance (PV) Project for International Client.  Snowfish, LLC will review all the medical information letters that currently exist on the product to assess for clinically-relevant language and to ensure that specific terminology used is in accordance with current practice and is based on the most recent data. The project involves updating and creating hundreds of letters and assisting with the development of a new medical information database for the product.

February 2009 – Snowfish, LLC Awarded Teleradiology Market Analysis Project with Leading Company.  Snowfish, LLC will conduct a qualitative research study involving hospital administrators, radiologists, and practice managers. As a complement to this research, we will also conduct a large web-based quantitative survey. The results of the two efforts will be integrated into a comprehensive presentation for delivery to the senior management team, including the CEO of the company.

January 2009 – Snowfish, LLC Awarded a Global (80 Countries) Medical Science Liaison (MSL) Training Program to Increase the Effectiveness of MSL Physician Interaction.  Snowfish, LLC will develop more than 25 separate modules for use as live training material and self-study. The MSL training modules include everything from product-specific information to basic anatomy and physiology. Snowfish will ensure that relevant messages and data are highlighted. The program will result in greater than 100 hours of content. The project was awarded to Snowfish based on our very successful prior experience with the client.

December 2008 – Snowfish, LLC Hired to Evaluate Multi-Million Dollar Company Acquisition. Snowfish, LLC has been retained to evaluate the potential synergies between two medical device companies through critical evaluation of a wide range of factors and potential for success. The Snowfish approach is multi-faceted, including an analysis of patents, product requirements, competitive analysis, business model assumptions, and personnel. The analysis is far reaching and will serve as a critical input into the decision as whether to acquire the company. In discussing why the work was awarded to Snowfish, the client said, “[Based on past experience], your work has been reliably excellent.”

September 2008 – Snowfish, LLC Awarded a Series of Advisory Boards Leveraging the World Class Physicians of an Internationally Known Research Institution. Snowfish, LLC has been awarded a large project to evaluate the clinical need for a revolutionary new product that has multiple potential applications. Snowfish will be working with the plastics, orthopedic, cardiovascular, and other departments to gain critical feedback for the clinical need and product development process. The project will leverage integrated business, clinical, and research capabilities.

September 2008 – Snowfish, LLC Awarded Large Key Opinion Leader (KOL) Identification & Mapping Contract with Leading International Pharmaceutical Company. Snowfish, LLC has been chosen to partner on a major KOL identification & mapping project based on our prior successful work with the client. Snowfish is utilizing both the traditional survey methodology plus advanced link analysis developed in house. Link analysis is a method for identifying less obvious relationships among KOLs and community-level physicians. Through this methodology, Snowfish will traditionally identify tens of thousands of unique relationships that provide our clients world class insights. Dave Fishman commented, “Snowfish, goes way beyond what is commonly available on the market. Our clients are extremely impressed with not only our technical capabilities but our clinical insights and the level of service we deliver.”

August 2008 – Snowfish, LLC Awarded a Large Clinical Data Gap Analysis Project for a Major International Pharmaceutical Client. Snowfish, LLC has been awarded a contract with a leading pharmaceutical client based on our integrated approach that joins business and clinical expertise. The project is multi-faceted, involving a review of over 1,000 clinical trials, guidelines, analyst reports, and interviews with over two dozen physicians. Melissa Hammond, MSN commented, “This project illustrates the integrated nature of Snowfish. We are able to combine business and clinical science to provide our client with real scientific intelligence.”

August 2008 – Snowfish Awarded Large Sales Training Program with Global Cardiology Client.  Snowfish, LLC continues to build off our ability to analyze and then translate clinical data into messages that can be used to communicate key product differentiators. The program involves creating a series of sales training modules that encompass numerous clinical trials and critical disease state information. The sales training material will be used on a worldwide basis for educating and informing the company’s global sales force. It builds on previous work Snowfish has conducted on the product over the last several years.

June 2008 – Snowfish, LLC Awarded Market Assessment Project Focused on Percutaneous Mitral Valve Repair with Innovative Medical Device Firm.  Snowfish continues to assist companies in making strategic decisions about next generation products to develop. Critical factors that are core to any analysis are market growth, product differentiation, physician interest, unmet needs, potential revenue, and gross margins. The project focuses on evaluating a potential new product concept, percutaneous mitral valve repair. The approach is multi-faceted and involved both primary and secondary research. We will interview both cardiac surgeons, interventional cardiologists from a wide range of practice settings.

May 2008 – Snowfish, LLC Awarded Cartilage Market Assessment Project with Innovative Medical Device Firm.  Snowfish, LLC is pleased to announce that we were awarded a market assessment project that focused on next generation cartilage replacement. Currently, there are not true cartilage replacement options available for individuals with degenerative joint diseases such as osteoarthritis though a number of approaches are under investigation. Snowfish will use our distinctive comprehensive market assessment process to determine the scope and viability of this market.

March 2008 – Snowfish, LLC Awarded Gastroenterology In-Depth Interview Project with Emerging Pharmaceutical Company.  Snowfish, LLC is pleased to announce that we were awarded a primary market research project focused in the gastroenterology space, with an emerging pharmaceutical company. Through our combination of business, marketing and clinical expertise, Snowfish, LLC will gain perspective and dig deep into the issues concerning a specific treatment for ulcerative colitis. Snowfish was selected for this project due to our ability to scratch beneath the surface of the key issues through our effective rapport with physicians and ability to speak clinically.

February 2008 – Snowfish, LLC Awarded Large Web-Based Quantitative Survey Project for Medical Device Company.  Snowfish, LLC is pleased to announce that we were awarded a large analytics project that focused on ortho-viscous supplements. This project, a survey, will involve a great deal of upfront analysis to identify the critical questions that needs to be uncovered. We will then leverage our technology prowess to develop a custom web-survey that involves the participation of close to 100 orthopedists. The final report will provide statistically relevant results that will enable our client to definitively answer their key questions and make product decisions.

January 2008 – Snowfish, LLC Awarded Cardiovascular In-Depth Interview Program with Market Leader.  Snowfish, LLC was awarded a multi-city in-depth interview project with a leading cardiovascular company. The project expands Advisory Board work and previous work we did for the client. Snowfish’s ability to adjust to the client needs even halfway through the interviewing day hallmarks  the analysis and thought that goes into every in-depth interview project. David Fishman commented, “Snowfish relies on our own highly-trained clinical moderators to conduct in-depth interviews. Since they are there at the start of the project they are better prepared to adjust to our client’s needs.”

October 2007 – Snowfish Awarded KOL Identification and Mapping Project with Top 10 Pharmaceutical Company.  Snowfish, LLC is pleased to announce that after competing against numerous companies we were selected based on our domain competence, software capabilities, and demonstrated past success. David Fishman, the President of Snowfish, LLC commented, “Our technology and approach is superior to anything on the market, I’m very pleased to see that large companies are starting to grasp the power of our solution.”

August 2007 – Snowfish, LLC Awarded Series of Hematology/Oncology Advisory Boards. Snowfish, LLC is pleased to announce that we have been chosen to implement a series of advisory boards in the field of hematology/oncology with a company that markets an agent used in the treatment of anemia. David Fishman, the President of Snowfish comments, “Leverage our clinical expertise as well as our understanding of the regulatory events is the most effective method to help our client gain the most useful feedback from the medical community. We are thrilled to be working on this exciting program.”

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