NP/PA Analysis and Engagement

NP/PA Analysis and Engagement

What is NP/PA Analysis and Engagement?

The care landscape is rapidly changing. The U.S. and many other countries are facing a looming physician shortage in the wake of a rising aging population. Professionals such as nurse practitioners (NPs) and physician assistants (PAs) are playing a critical role in multiple specialties and their influence is increasing. Currently 20 U.S. states allow NPs to practice without any physician oversight and others have bills under consideration proposing the same. There is a opportunity for industry to better understand the overall needs of this important healthcare provider group, and build valuable collaborations to ensure appropriate messaging and inclusion in relevant initiatives.

What can be done with NP/PA Analysis and Engagement?

  • Enhance understanding of the NP/PA clinical role
  • Determine the professional and educational needs of NPs/PAs
  • Enhance your understanding of how specific specialities of NPs/PAs interface and work with industry
  • Develop an engagement plan to ensure NPs/PAs in specific therapeutic areas become valued partners

Why Snowfish?

Snowfish recognizes the growing importance of the NP/PA community. Key members of our staff are NPs and we conducted an extensive survey with more than 400 NPs and PAs to understand their training and work experiences. Snowfish has the ability to provide a unique view of this market, extract only the most useful insights and translate them to an actionable engagement plan.

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