Medical Affairs

Medical Affairs


Clinical Data Gap Analysis

  • Determine how to best spend clinical development resources
  • Benchmark a product’s clinical data against competitors’ and determine key gaps
  • Test gaps with clinicians and scientists for relevancy and importance
  • Quantify opportunity by incorporating a sophisticated matrix based upon multiple factors

SmartMap™  KOL Identification and Mapping

  • The best-aligned KOLs in a variety of disciplines specialties and therapeutic areas to grow awareness and product momentum
  • Representation of key stakeholders which go beyond clinicians to include payers, policy influencers, technology innovators, organizations, and centers of excellence
  • Ability to target the KOL for specific engagements
  • Helps you to look beyond the therapy in your offerings

CMS Open Payments Analysis

  • Identify the physicians engaged in certain activities for a target list of drugs, categorized into speaking, consulting, and research engagements
  • Analyze your competition and see how your competitors compare in their marketing budgets, and where and on whom they spend their money
  • Gain insights into the work of your KOLs, find who else is funding them, and how you stack up against them
  • Find new partners for your business plan, and analyze current partners, by identifying companies making complementary products who are spending in your target areas
  • Discover trends in your area of interest, identify who are the rising stars, and which types of work is becoming more valuable, and for which products

Stakeholder Analysis

  • Determine current and future stakeholders who span multiple areas ranging from clinical disciplines to innovators
  • Know with which organizations you need to partner

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