Market/Product Assessment

Market/Product Assessment

What is Market/Product Assessment?

Life sciences companies invest billions of dollars and many years to develop new treatments. There are increasing pressures on the industry to speed up the development of new treatments, and at the same time to decrease the costs associated in the development of new treatments. Life sciences companies can come to go/no-go decisions more quickly and efficiently by leveraging insights from internal and clinical experts, trends, technical feasibility and modeling.

What is the impact of this solution?

  • Understand regulatory procedures
  • Determine reimbursement standards and processes
  • Understand distribution channels and establish partnerships
  • Understand physician treatment responsibilities
  • Confirm product design considerations
  • Map out hospital processes
  • Document significant cultural issues
  • Establish need for companion product or service

Why Snowfish?

Snowfish has worked globally with multinational and local companies to successfully launch new treatment options. Our success comes from paying special attention to the micro-issues, such as varying clinician treatment responsibilities, other stakeholders, product design, health care setting processes and cultural issues. We help life sciences companies analyze these areas within their target market(s), capture insights and develop actionable plans to guide launch planning activities.

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