KOL Identification and Profiling

KOL Identification and Profiling

What is SmartMap™ KOL Identification and Mapping?

It has become evident that identifying the appropriate and most impactful key opinion leaders (KOLs) can have a significant impact on the success of your product. What is not always obvious is the best method to take so that only the highest value KOLs are involved in your collaboration efforts. The Snowfish approach to KOL targeting and profiling blends multiple sources of data combined with solid disease state and market understanding.

What is the impact of this solution?

  • The best-aligned KOLs in a variety of disciplines, specialties and therapeutic areas to grow awareness and product momentum
  • Representation of key stakeholders that go beyond clinicians to include payers, policy influencers, technology innovators, organizations and centers of excellence
  • Ability to target the KOL for specific engagements
  • Look beyond the therapy in your offerings

Why Snowfish?

We approach KOL mapping with the intent to develop a comprehensive and integrated picture of a KOL’s influence and expertise. Our approach captures all characteristics that define a KOL in the particular disease state/condition. We integrate data from multiple sources including product features, target market attributes, and MSL and sales territories to create a comprehensive and integrated picture that enables life sciences companies to significantly improve their programs.

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